Neilson Grove’s Guiding Principles

Schools and school districts have a code of conduct to help provide everyone with a framework to guide how we should behave – from the words we use and how we talk to each other, to our actions throughout the school day and beyond.

We have been working to redesign the Neilson Grove code of conduct, to update things to be more reflective of our current community; our values, needs, and challenges. We believe that a code of conduct can help create the kind of school environment where every child is willing to take risks in their learning, which is what we want for the students.

At Neilson Grove, we like to call this code “Our Guiding Principles.  We know students thrive, grow and learn in a caring learning environment, that is safe and free from discrimination and we believe these principles help guide us in creating this ideal learning environment.

We use the acronym SOAR, a co-created set of descriptors that represent the positive behaviours that exemplify our guiding principles.  SOAR stands for Safe, Open-minded, Accepting, and Respectful.  We use these words to help guide students in being their best selves, being positive members of our school community, and as a way to bring our guiding principles to life.

Thank you to the Neilson Grove Staff, PAC Executive Members- Kyla W., Brigitte M., Angela B., Diane C., Natasha G., Ronnie N., and Terry K.- Diversity Council Parent Representatives- Rosey S. & Raj V., Jigna & Devdutt M., Bonnie W, Nindi B. & Nav K.- and to the Student Council- Claire B., Sienna L., Mila T., Minnie Z., Maddie F., Ella K-H., Maelle S., Flynn W., Sophia B., Caitlyn W., Jennifer P., William S., Ashlyn H., Livia F., Justin M., Francis L., Adelyn L., Jessalyn L, and Devanshi M.  Without all of your dedication, efforts, and thoughtful discussions, these Guiding Principles would not be as meaningful for our school community.