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We are a team of Grade 4 – 6 students from Neilson Grove Elementary who are trying to make a green difference in our community. Every Monday and Friday The green team meets to make morning announcements about sorting bottles, cans and more. The Green Team has grown this year. We now have two groups working together. The “Green Foundations” are grade 6 leaders who guide the grade 4 and 5 “Green Team” members. 


To raise awareness about saving the environment and teaching our community about going green.

December 2019

This year our goal is to save the sea we are doing that by raising money to go to 4oceans. We are going to raise money by doing bake sales and donating bottles to the bottle depot to recycle properly and to raise money. We love to help animals and nature and so much more. Sometimes grade 4’s come in because they want to help and because it is a fun way to be helpful. 

Check back for more to come!

October 2019

BC Hydro PowerSmart contest – Save The Sea @NG were the lucky winners of some very cool prizes!

September 2019- our recycling program continues! We are using the money towards a variety of Green Team initiatives for the school.