Bike Safety

Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Wear a Helmet: A reminder to parents and students of the importance of bike safety when commuting to and from school.

Cycling is a fun, healthy & social way to exercise, be independent, and get around!

Students all across Delta School District can be seen every day pedaling to school and home. It is important to remember to dismount and walk your bike while on school property.

Here are some tips and reminders on how to stay safe on your bike.

  1. Wear a helmet. It goes without saying that wearing a helmet significantly decreases your chance of injury to the brain in the event of a fall or crash… and it’s the law. Also, make sure to bring a lock for your bike so it is secure during the day.
  2. Be Seen. Use lights (white = front, red = rear) and reflective clothing, including those that can be seen from the side. Use a light on your helmet – it points wherever you’re looking.
  3. Be Aware. Ride in a straight line and try to be predictable in your movements – effective positioning will help you be seen on the road. Don’t use mobile devices or headphones while cycling – stay distraction-free
  4. Lead by example. One of the best ways to ensure your child is wearing a helmet when they are riding their bike to and from school is for parents to lead by example. When out and about on your bike, be sure to wear a helmet, and communicate proactive cycling safety with your child.

Local cycling not-for-profit HUB CYCLING has some great tips on bike safety:

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