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Welcome to Kindergarten
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We did have a 4-legged visitor last week – a young coyote was spotted walking on the Millenium Trail. Now is the time of mating season so we may see our furry friends out and about more than normal. Noise is the best way to ‘haze’ and we will use our outside bells to deter any future visitors…. Read more »

Head lice are very common and easy to check for. It has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the environment, but they are spread by head-to-head contact which can sometimes happen at school.
If we do see nits or adult lice in your child’s hair, we will inform you by phone and a letter home…. Read more »

Influenza, an infection of the respiratory system (including the nose, throat and lungs) is caused by the influenza virus. It is easily spread in schools during the fall and winter. Hand washing and staying at home when you are sick are important ways to stop the spread…. Read more »